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What We Do

Glenhaze - A fitting solution

Glenhaze specialise in the design and manufacture of packaging solutions, in particular divisions, partitions, inserts, fitments, trays and pads for the Whisky industry, cosmetics sector and a wide variety of other business clients who we have developed with over the years, creating efficiencies offering the opportunity to advance our clients scope of service.

Glenhaze have the equipment to produce almost any paper-based fitment, which can be used in manual or automated lines. As can be seen in our demonstration videos. Glenhaze supplies fitments that are used in a variety of industries to protect products that need either separation and/or protection. With the event of self-ready packaging we can design a product that will both protect and display your product to its best advantage.

The Scottish-born Robert Gair invented the corrugated box in 1890 (Wikipedia)

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