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As with any manufacturing process it can be technical therefore we hope this helps you understand our set up and why we use certain materials and methods.

We have the capabilities of manufacturing in board grades from 450 micron unlined chipboard to 4000 micron with a vast array of liners from normal kraft paper to virtually any finish including white- coated, high gloss, waterproof, barrier coated and even anti-static board.

We also have capabilities in all grades of corrgated board from "F" flute, "E" flute, "B" flute, "C" flute, "EB" flute, "BC" flute and other twin flute combinations on request.

There are many advantages / disadvantages of using certain materials and this could alter from customer to customer.

Most common advantages for corrugated to solid board are as follows:

Solid board is less expensive in most cases to corrugated especially in large volumes.

Solid board can be stored in 1/4 of the space of corrugated.

Solid board is cleaner (less dust particles) than corrugated.

Corrugated has more protection as it offers a shock-absorbing property with its fluting profile.

Corrugated is much more easily obtainable and lower volumes can be more costs effective as most grades of solid board are purchased by the tonne.

Corrugated more flexible and can offer better design combinations than the rigidity of solid board.

Glenhaze has a vast array of knowledge from past experience and have no problem in advising customers the reasons why certain materials are better in certain cases.


Glenhaze have the largest available cutting edge machinery that the market can offer from world reknowned machine manufacturers such as Bobst, BHS and Roda.

The combinations of products are too many to list but we currently have over 7000 different specifications of layer pads, liners, creased pad, die-cut fitments and divisions.

We have manufactured from a cradle one cell division for Military parts to a 200 cell division that holds 5ml vials of blood, divisions to seperate whisky, car parts, biscuits, perfume, confectionery etc.

Glenhaze operates out of a modern purpose build manufacturing site with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 accreditation at its heart.  This ensures the highest levels of quality assurance that have strict guidelines and is constantly monitored internally and by external independent auditors.

Using the most environmentally sensitive materials we manufacture 99% of our products from recycled materials and 100% from sustainable resources.  We pride ourselves in being one of the first ISO 14001:2004 packaging companies in the UK to have held the accreditation since 2001 and have won the Motorola award for Environmental Achievement an unprecedented twice.

Corrugated fibreboard is a combination of paperboards usually two flat liners and one inner intestine corrugated medium. (Wikipedia) This material provides both strength and support.

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